Giovanni Caccamo for Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro
September 23rd 2022


With the contribution of

  • Studio Arnaldo Pomodoro (Via Vigevano 3, Milano)
  • venerdì 23 settembre 2022

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The night has come and we are close / We are two territories that have lost their borders

The words and music of Giovanni Caccamo’s song, “You can trust me”, accompany the images of this short video that tells the extraordinary concert held by the singer-songwriter last September 23 in the spaces of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Studio in Milan.

An event made possible thanks to the exchange between arts and generations born from the meeting between the singer and the artist, shared with friends, supporters and partners of the Foundation which has always believed in the creative process of art as a tool to promote and strengthen development of society.

As Caccamo wrote, it was an extraordinary evening in which the Studio “was transformed into a fertile cradle of new beauty, of new harmonies”.