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So that the Foundation, far from being a static and conservative structure, can perform the function of a real, inventive and almost experimental laboratory, designed to build a deep and global involvement with artists, critics and the public.

Arnaldo Pomodoro

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Archivio Osvaldo Borsani
Assicurazioni Teglio di Paola Teglio e C. Snc
Avv. Davide Giovanni Daleffe
Maria Grazia Mazzocchi
Parco Termale Negombo – Ischia
Notaio Anna Ferrelli
Fondazione Bracco


Donations to the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro enjoy tax benefits provided by Italian law for the non-profit sector and are deductible within the limit of 10% of taxable income (€ 70,000. =) According to the current tax regulations art.14 Law 80/2005