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18/09/2019 - 31/10/2019

Caroline Mesquita

From 18 September to 31 October 2019, the Foundation hosts the solo exhibition of Caroline Mesquita (Brest, 1989), entitled La Casa dell'Eremita sul Naviglio (The House of the Hermit on the Canal.

Project Room #11
Caroline Mesquita
La Casa dell'Eremita sul Naviglio (The House of the Hermit on the Canal)

For the 2019 cycle of the Project Rooms, curated by Cloé Perrone, the Foundation presents three young international artists: Sophia Al-Maria, Caroline Mesquita and Rebecca Ackroyd.

None of these artists can be called a sculptress; each one uses the artistic medium within a multidisciplinary practice, expanding the definition of sculpture itself. Not treating it as a result but as a process, sculpture becomes a tool for building spatial environments of various kinds. The 2019
Project Rooms deal with issues of contemporary life and socio-cultural phenomena such as misogyny, isolation and national identity.

The exhibition
La Casa dell'Eremita sul Naviglio (18 September- 31 October 2019) by Caroline Mesquita (1989, Brest) opens the second appointment of the cycle PROJECT ROOM 2019, occasion to convey the research and the production of artists under 40 who investigate sculpture in an innovative way.

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro in collaboration with Fondazione del Giudice, Nola (Naples), gave Mesquita the opportunity to produce a new majestic sculpture using stone, a new material in her artistic practice.

The installation is made-up of
beola chiara – ancient stone of Lombardy that covers the whole surface of Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro – and of copper and brass objects, carefully selected by the artist, some coming from Fonderia Nolana del Giudice (Naples) where the artwork was produced.

The show represents the imaginary tale of an hermit who inhabited a stone hut, survived over time and today exhibited at the Foundation.
The story narrates that the city expanded
around the shelter, protecting this important symbol of an alternative way of living, based on isolation and outside conventional norms.

La Casa dell'Eremita sul Naviglio (The Hermit’s House on the Canal) becomes the metaphor of way of life no longer accepted in today’s society: an existence conducted outside the logic of the system according to autonomous rules.


Special openings
Sunday 13 October


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