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A journey in the labyrinth has fascinated humankind since the dawn of time. With its narrow passages, dead ends, disorientations and reorientations, it is a place that we all have to pass through at least once in life, also on a metaphorical level, where we have to lose ourselves to find ourselves again.

Ingresso nel Labirinto is the first and only environmental installation by Arnaldo Pomodoro, a piece he worked for years, from 1995 to 2011, a rethinking of his entire artistic career. With Ingresso nel Labirinto Pomodoro transformed his creative journey into a physical experience made of bronze, fiberglass and copper sheets, in which inner turmoil becomes journey for to all visitors.


Entering the labyrinth you will be immersed in a timeless work that evokes ancient worlds and extinct civilizations, infused with the Mesopotamian atmosphere of the Gilgamesh Epic. Walking through kaleidoscopic geometries and monumental forms, you will be mesmerized by enigmatic monoliths, secret passages and arcane calligraphies. A journey into the mind of the Maestro, between reworkings of already known sculptures and forms still in progress.