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Piazza Scala, Largo Greppi, Piazza Meda… there are so many places in Milan that house a sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro. The Foundation takes you on a stroll through the squares, museums and public collections to discover the works that the Maestro has created for his city.

Sparks of imagination in an urban landscape that we always rush through too quickly, these sculptures are masterpieces that we always have before our eyes, but that we have never really stopped to look at. This itinerary is an opportunity to slow down and re-establish a link with the city, its heritage and the institutions that promote and preserve it.

Looking at the creations of Arnaldo Pomodoro with the eyes of a tourist, you will discover one of the most significant features of his sculptures: the relationship between forms and space and their dialogue with natural light. Through the words of our guides, you'll be amazed at how the abstract geometries and shiny surfaces mirror the surrounding architecture, evoking effects that are anything but random.

visita alla sala delle armi, Poldi Pezzoli, Milano

visita alla sala delle armi, Poldi Pezzoli, Milano


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Tour starts at Conservatorio di Milano

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