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Graphics Monotype

Monotype is a graphic process halfway between painting and printing, which makes it possible to create a one-of-a-kind image.

An image is painted in oil, tempera or ink on a matrix, which can be a sheet of metal, wood or glass, then printed on a flat surface. Experimenting with this technique will help us to discover the link between works of art and their expressive means.

With the guidance of the education staff of the Foundation, we will make our first monotype using with brushes, rollers and special tools: we will paint our design on a tile, choosing the colors we like best, and then print it on a piece of paper. Thus we can discover that every time the matrix disappears, the image is perfectly transferred onto the sheet of paper.

Each print will be a surprise, each work unique and unrepeatable.



Duration 90 min.
Cost € 150
Cost € 120
Proposta di workshop da svolgere presso i nostri spazi oppure presso le vostre scuole.

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