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A guided tour of the most emblematic places in Milan, to discover the works that Arnaldo Pomodoro has created for the city where he has lived and worked for over fifty years. From the moment they were designed, the Maestro's sculptures have been intimately connected to the city and its history. Underlying each creation is a new idea of monumental sculpture and the search for the dynamic relationship with the surrounding space. You will discover that Il Grande Disco, La Torre a Spirale and La Lancia di Luce are not only monuments, but also food for thought.



Conservatorio di Milano
Piazza Meda
Gallerie d’Italia - Piazza Scala
Sala delle armi Museo Poldi di Pezzoli
Largo Greppi - Piccolo Teatro
Duration 2 ore
FreeFondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro members
Lasciati ispirare dai prodotti del bookshop o dalle visite e i laboratori, scegli quello che preferisci e contattaci: insieme confezioneremo un regalo speciale, pensato su misura per chi vuoi tu!

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September 2019
Tour starts at Conservatorio di Milano