06/04/2023 - 09/06/2023
Project Room #17 | Lito Kattou | Whisperers
From April 6 to June 9, 2023, the Foundation hosts Lito Kattou’s solo exhibition

Project Room #17

Lito Kattou – Whisperers

First appointment for 2023 with the Project Rooms, the observatory dedicated to developments in the international art scene, entrusted this year to Chiara Nuzzi (Naples, 1986), researcher and curator, publishing manager and curator of Fondazione ICA Milano since 2018.

From 6 April to 9 June (Thursday, Friday and Sunday 11-19, free entrance), opening on 5 April at 6pm

The project developed by Chiara Nuzzi for the 2023 Project Rooms is entitled Corpo Celeste (Celestial Body), in tribute to the eponymous collection of essays by Italian author Anna Maria Ortese, and is articulated through two solo exhibitions featuring Lito Kattou (Cyprus, 1990), from April to June, and Paul Maheke (France, 1985), from September to December.

In both the exhibitions of Corpo Celeste (Celestial Body), sculpture is an instrument for the construction of other bodies, hybridized with materials, nature and the animal world, to inhabit new worlds. The artists develop two site-specific projects that blend different media to build immersive environmental installations: the Fondazione’s exhibition space thus becomes a landscape populated by almost metaphysical images and presences.

Whisperers is the first solo exhibition in an Italian institution by Lito Kattou.

Her works – bodies, hybrid and abstract creatures, anthropomorphic or animal, incorporated within which are natural and cosmic elements – analyzes the process of changing matter in time, the theme of otherness and unknown space-time scenarios.

The series Whisperers from 2022 focuses on the idea of community in a timeless setting that identifies new strategies of coexistence.

For the spaces of the Fondazione the artist has created Whisperer I, II, III and IV, four imposing sculptures made of aluminium, steel, acrylic, nickel-plated copper and biodegradable plastic, representing four components of a community – linked together by symbols, signs and fragments composing a familiar grammar – connected to Whisperer V, a fifth sculpture mounted on the façade of the Fondazione ICA Milano, an intervention acting as a bridge between the two institutions, thus solemnly establishing the collaboration.