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The Foundation

The Foundation was born and operates according to Arnaldo Pomodoro's will to create a place open to the re-reading of 20th-century art and to the creativity of young artists, a collective space of living experience, which aims at a profound and global involvement with people and the society.

Who we are

Discover our Mission, the History of the Foundation and the people of the Staff

Arnaldo Pomodoro

Arnaldo Pomodoro was born in Montefeltro in 1926, he lived his childhood and training in Pesaro. He has lived and worked in Milan since 1954...

Educational Projects

Special projects to enjoy art through public engagement.

Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize

Started in 2006, the Prize is dedicated to those sculptors whose research expresses a reflection on the idea itself and on the practice of sculpture in the contemporary world...

Online Archive

Access the free portal that collects all the materials of Arnaldo Pomodoro's Archive digitized and cataloged by the Foundation...

Catalogue Raisonné

Access the free portal that documents all areas of Arnaldo Pomodoro's activity: sculptures, drawings, multiples, scenography, jewellery, design studies and graphics...

The Collection

The Foundation promotes the loan of its Collection: more than two hundred works by Arnaldo Pomodoro and about ninety works by other artists...