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Educational Projects

Special projects to enjoy art through public engagement./
Special projects to enjoy art through public engagement./
Special projects to enjoy art through public engagement./

““I have always felt the need for concrete involvement from a social point of view: leaving your studio, where you work and are protected, is not an option: it is a duty. The sculptor's task is to get involved with the urban surroundings of the city, makingyou feel the full importance of art, not just its own” — Arnaldo Pomodoro

Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro is in constant dialogue with the territory, so that art and culture become an opportunity for social as well as territorial regeneration. Over the years, the Foundation has had various exhibition venues and consequently different modes of use, developed through targeted educational proposals always suited to the spaces in which it acted, to the artistic themes proposed in its initiatives and to the needs of the various audiences with which it works. it is related.

Through its educational department, the Foundation intends to maintain strong attention towards the task declared by its founder: to continue to activate experiences directly in the places where his works are located, to educate about the artistic-cultural heritage, creativity and expressive freedom through a direct and concrete involvement of people, through the construction of an ever-wider network of collaborations with public and private institutions, bodies and associations that in various capacities are present in the territory.


Smart Schooling

The new proposal from Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro for Junior High schools was made possible thanks to the support of the Fondazione Cariplo. An interactive training experience that unites students and teachers in the construction of a personal and collective story. A digital and analogue journey to discover oneself and one's memory, freely inspired by the biography of Arnaldo Pomodoro.

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24/07/2021 – 26/09/2021

Arnaldo Pomodoro e Beverly Pepper.
A story in images

On the occasion of the tribute to Arnaldo Pomodoro by the Todi Arts Festival and the Todi Festival 2021, the Foundation's educational department is setting up an edutainment area in the Sala dei Portici in the opposite Piazza del Popolo.
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17/10/2020 – 11/07/2021


On the occasion of the exhibition ARNALDO POMODORO. {SUR}FACE at the Castello dell'Arte Campori in Soliera, the educational department of the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro collaborated with the Campori Foundation to present a complete and exhaustive educational offer dedicated to the Maestro.
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19/09/2020 – 20/09/2020

Festival delle Abilità.
- Art, music and poems, 2020

Fondazione participates in the Festival delle Abilità - Art, music and poems,, an initiative aimed at promoting an inclusive culture that highlights people's abilities regardless of their human condition, with the tactile laboratory GUARDA! VEDO CON LE MANI, created in collaboration with the blind artist Felice Tagliaferri.

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07/01/2019 – 30/05/2019

Arnaldo my School Neighbour

The fourteen classes of the F. Conforti – B. Avogadro Primary School of the Thour – Gonzaga Institute in via Vigevano discussed the identity of the neighborhood with the artists Lorenzo Cianchi, Marina Scognamiglio and Alessandra Aiello. The project, launched during the 2018-19 school year, involved the entire school located a few steps from Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio.

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01/10/2018 – 26/11/2019

Inside the Labirinto

Pilot project carried out with the support of the Cariplo Foundation. The project involved two third classes of the Dante Alighieri Primary School in the development of a sensorial journey developed on the environmental work Entrance into the labyrinth by Arnaldo Pomodoro.

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04/10/2008 – 22/03/2009

A Museum without boundaries

An innovative educational path starting from the new needs of the school; designed together with teachers, students, cultural operators, planners and game designers, to arrive at the construction of interactive training experiences aimed at understanding Arnaldo Pomodoro, as a man and as an artist. The Arnaldo Pomodoro Archive teaches, with school!
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01/10/2008 – 14/11/2010

How do you give shape to ideas?

IDEAS IN SHAPE. HOW DO YOU GIVE SHAPE TO IDEAS? Educational project between art, science and technology in cooperation with the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonarda da Vinci with funding from the Lombardy Region and the Cariplo Foundation (E.S.T Project – Educating in Science and Technology)
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per UniCredit & Art

Sunday September 28, 2008 in occasion of Artelibro Festival del Libro d’Arte, the educational departments of MAMbo, MART, Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro as part of the UniCredit & Art project, have come together to find in the collective experience of art a new way of looking at reality and to build a common landscape that arises from a collective painting action.

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08/01/2007 – 27/05/2011

The school goes to the museum,
the museum goes to school

A proposal to increase the union between two cultural institutions fundamental for the cultural growth of our society, the school and the museum, and facilitate contact and exchange, to promote knowledge of the neighborhood and increase awareness of its identity .

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