04/10/2008 - 22/03/2009

A Museum without boundaries

The genesis

In occasion of the exhibition Arnaldo Pomodoro. Grandi Opere 1972-2008 inaugurated in October 2008, the Foundation's Educational Department, in collaboration with the Institute for the Blind of Milan,has developed a laboratory of high tactile explorability and structured visit itineraries, dedicated to blind people in particular and to all visitors. A privileged relationship to fully enjoy the current exhibition and the Foundation's space, in direct contact with the materials of contemporary art, through the tactile exploration of the works present.

The contents

A sensorial reading capable of exploring the aesthetic-formal characteristics of the works exhibited through direct contact with the work: shape, size, texture, thermal condition, consistency, gravity. Furthermore, numerous and varied educational materials were provided to support the visit and the laboratory, including: tactile boards to illustrate the formal typologies and main characteristics of the sculptures on display together. A tactile map of the exhibition space has been prepared to encourage orientation within the museum, so as to guarantee a barrier-free approach to the sculpture, for a personal and unmediated approach, in direct contact with the work of art. Some small works were made available in the laboratory for a full reading and understanding of the artist's work.

The activities were modulated according to the needs of the visitors and in relation to the presence of children, adolescents or adults, small groups of blind people, other types of disabilities or groups in which these are present. Tactile exploration of selected works is planned.

The repercussions

The experience of the 'A Museum without Borders' project led to the creation of highly tactile exploratory workshops designed for all visitors and formulated from time to time based on the different types of activities proposed for each exhibition.

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