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The Collection

“The ideal for me is to set the works among the people, the houses, the greenery, the everyday streets, in a confrontation with the urban fabric and with the landscape. Sculpture is a taking of space within the greater space where one lives and moves. Sculpture makes sense when it transforms the place in which it is placed, without any celebratory monumentality, and is like a living creature, which changes in the turn of light and shadows, but also in the encounter with people, creating an unusual dialogue between the work and the people.

In this way, the limitation of an art closed in museums and private collections is overcome, and the work becomes a heritage of all and acquires a testimonial value of its time: it manages to imprint itself on a context and enrich it with further stratifications of memory”.

Arnaldo Pomodoro

Born with a nucleus of twenty-eight works donated by the artist when the Foundation was established, the Collection now has more than two hundred works by Arnaldo Pomodoro, including sculptures and drawings, created from 1955 to today and selected by the sculptor himself to document the fundamental stages of his artistic research.

The Collection also includes about ninety works by other artists, donated by them or by private collectors who wanted to support the Foundation.

The Foundation’s Collection does not have a permanent exhibition venue: in order to enhance it and allow the public to discover it, the Foundation activates loans for temporary exhibitions and long-term loans with public and private institutions.

To request a loan, or to receive more information about it, write to