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Mark Di Suvero
Senza titolo
, 1974

iron, 80 × 56 × 41 cm

A gift from the American artist to Pomodoro, Di Suvero's work does not exceed the usual dimensions of a sketch, and yet all the characteristics of the major work are present. The concept of sculpture as an assembly of found materials, which was characteristic of the American artist's first production before moving on to iron, is evoked in the sheet metal with the irregular profiles and corroded surfaces used here, with no other elaboration than their juxtaposition to create a structure. The latter is played on inclined planes, climbing upwards in a zigzag movement hinted at by the two larger bodies, while the smaller iron inserts simply support it. The result is a sense of achieved balance, momentum and dynamism that is the characteristic of all of Di Suvero's work. His monumental sculptures are created in the same way, even the most recent ones, built on oblique lines of force, which give impetus to the work regardless of its size.

from: Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro. La Collezione permanente, exhibition catalogue, edited by G. Verzotti, A. Vettese, Milano, Skira, 2007, p. 175.