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Sergio Dangelo Senza titolo

Sergio Dangelo
Senza titolo
, 1970

collage, 53 × 49 cm

Dangelo shares Kant's thought according to which the beauty of a work does not depend on the content it deals with, but rather on the harmony that it excites in our mind. And he does not forget the lesson of Duchamp who forever revalued the common object – reaydmade – by subjecting it to a triple operation: de-contextualising it, changing its angle of perception and giving it verbal colour, that is, a title. […] Sergio Dangelo's work is tributary to these ideological premises, and if his pictorial inventions – like his collages, assemblages and sculptures – release such a poetic charge it is precisely because he is faithful to these imperatives. […] Like Duchamp, Dangelo manages to transform a fragment of everyday life into a work of art. With collage he combines different readymades in a skilful yet poetic way. This then becomes a "poem in painting", in the same sense in which one says a "poem in prose".

from: A. Schwarz, I collages di Sergio Dangelo, in Sergio Dangelo. 100×13. Cento collages per tredici giorni, exhibition catalogue, edited by C. Scagnelli, Milano, Biffi Arte, 2012, p. 6.