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Sergio Dangelo, Piccola città, 1956 (Foto Studio Boschetti)

Sergio Dangelo
Piccola città
, 1956

oil and tempera on canvas, 39 × 49 cm

Founder, with Baj, of the Nuclear Art Movement, Dangelo has always remained faithful to an abstract painting based on the germination of highly energetic signs. It was a question, as Francesca Alinovi wrote, of distinguishing one's own research from the rest of the informal group, especially that taken up by subjectivizing gestures, to instead practice an "atomic dispersion of the Ego in the infinity of the macrocosm or the microcosm". The reference to these two extreme dimensions makes the work an energetic field detached from the subject's affections, as we see from the work in the collection, in the thronging of the signs in a robust chromatically alive structure.

from: Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro. La Collezione permanente, exhibition catalogue, edited by G. Verzotti, A. Vettese, Milano, Skira, 2007, p. 174.