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Fausto Melotti Fantasia schematica 1985

Fausto Melotti
Fantasia schematica
, 1985

brass, 75 × 75 × 27 cm

In both small and large dimensions, Melotti always articulates the same language, based on a light and perfect musicality. Supported by two brass strips intersected with the four which, vertically, support the whole of this Fantasia, seven stems support as many small discs, creating a continuum interrupted by a variation , a slightly arched stem, imitated in this by another single vertical stripe, moved by the same motion. At the center of the composition, two elements create another type of relationship: a circle is crossed by a stem bent forward. There is no part of the sculpture that does not vibrate at the same rhythm, there is no drop in tension despite the diversity of the figures involved. Melotti is at the origin of much Italian sculptural work, for the wisdom that the artist expressed in the art of "removing", in removing pondus from the sculpted work, replacing it with the skilful scansion between solids and voids, where, however, they prevail this last. Musician and mathematician, Melotti exercised a creative thought that was ultimately anti-academic and open to a radically "other" definition of sculpture and its relationship with space.

from: Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro. La Collezione permanente, exhibition catalogue, edited by G. Verzotti, A. Vettese, Milano, Skira, 2007, p. 176.