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Donato Piccolo, Imprévisible, 2018 (Foto Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro)

Donato Piccolo
Progetto per Imprévisible
, 2018

marker, pencil, watercolor pencils and acrylic on paper, 61 × 74 cm

Donato Piccolo, hosted by the Foundation on the occasion of the Project Room #7 (2018), carries out a meditation on the imprévisible, a French term that crosses "unpredictable" and "invisible" (impre-visible), something capable of explaining not only the unknown, but what is in effect a subtle sense of mystery. What lies behind the visible has always fascinated thought, which tries to grasp it with reasoning, with equations, formulas, philosophies. The option of variables and mathematical calculations is also the prerogative of the machine that asks to implement its knowledge, but the need to go beyond reason is not – ending up in the field of expectations. Faced with this ravine, where even concepts disappear and certainties give way, the mind as well as artificiality stops: the first gripped by dismay, the second incapable of measuring the senseless. Rather, it becomes the field of solitude and sometimes of hope. We therefore oscillate between the unexpected and the unpredictable suspended where art gives science the play of passions. In this sort of prospective short circuit, there is also the deception of being able to re-create life – or perhaps a semblance of it, perhaps its truest purpose – with wires, contacts, mechanics and chips.