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Pietro Consagra Colloquio 1960

Pietro Consagra
, 1960

bronze, marble and wood, 82,6 × 91,4 × 22,8 cm

The opposite of representation or form, understood as catharsis, is not the fragment, it is the continuum: in fact the form is limit, the continuum is absence, indeterminacy of the limit. The specific problem is to reconcile, if ever possible, the absence of the limit with the presence of the value; but if existence is the continuous, the continuous will also have a value.
In search of continuity, Consagra and Turcato arrived by a longer route, through the criticism of previous experiences. But it is in view of the continuum that Consagra conceives the surface as unlimited plasticity and the plasticity of the grooves, the cuts, the superimposed planes as the unlimitedness of the surface, arriving at an absolute reversibility of the volume in plane and of the plane in volume, and the intuition of an order of infinite relations, diametrically opposed to the finite order of proportional relations.

from: G. C. Argan, Continuità, exhibition catalogue, Milano, Galleria Pagani del Grattacielo, 1961.