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Antonella Zazzera, Armonico CCLXX, 2016

Antonella Zazzera
Armonico CCLXX
, 2016

copper wires, 82 × 85 × 12 cm

Donated to the Foundation by the artist, winner of the fourth edition of the Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize (2016), this work by Antonella Zazzera belongs to the Armonici series, works of large or very large dimensions laboriously constructed by "throwing" the copper wire in long, dense rows, from one end of the frame to the other, in countless successive stratifications, full of symbolic meanings but also capable of generating unthinkable plays of color and light on the composite surface of the work. Upon closer inspection, the Armonici could also be defined, paradoxically, as "three-dimensional paintings": but pointillist paintings, constructed by juxtaposing filaments of light-color which in the apparent monochrome instead show, upon closer examination, innumerable nuances. All Armonicis start from an elementary geometric shape, an irregular quadrilateral, slightly arched at the top and equally slightly hollowed at the bottom, which tapers towards the bottom. That is their primary form, whose basic measurements (in some cases) are dictated by the artist's anthropometric body measurements. From time to time this shape will be left stretched out or folded, wrapped, "draped" in an apparently random way, which in reality is highly monitored, the result of a precise project that dictates the process from the moment the frame is designed and assembled , depending on the shape that you want to impose on the finished work.