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Loris Cecchini
Vague Rules for a growing plant
, 2013

mixed media, 60 × 60 × 8 cm

Donated to the Foundation by the artist, winner of the third edition of the Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize (2014), this work by Loris Cecchini is representative of his interest in "modelling", understood as a "cognitive process aimed at the systematic creation of a small semantic universe with the purpose of defining of an event, isn’t itself an aesthetic process, and usually does not fall into the interests of the language of art as much as it falls into those disciplines – from physics to economics – that need to standardize phenomena, but the fascination, aroused by the possibility, or also just by the logical system within which any object of event can be placed, is such that the attempt to transfer a spacial module into a more complex system is a challenge that an artist accepts and looks for, with a clear and hitherto unprecedented awareness".

from: Loris Cecchini. Modulo e modello, exhibition catalogue, edited by M. Meneguzzo, Milano, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, 2014, pp. 17-18.