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Aldo Spoldi, "Barone Rosso GT", 1992 (in mostra alla FMAV di Moderna, 2022). Foto Rolando Paolo Guerzoni

Aldo Spoldi
Barone Rosso GT
, 1992

sheet metal and various materials, 220 × 90 × 70 cm

Donated to the Foundation by the artist at the end of the exhibition La scultura italiana del XX secolo (2005-2006), in this work Aldo Spoldi enlarges a toy tin car, Barone Rosso, built and designed by the Bank of Oklahoma team as a ironic challenge to the Ferrari Testarossa. The reference to the reckless aviator and the beauty of speed are a tribute to the dynamism and myth of the machine proclaimed by the Futurists. Paradoxically, however, this car is and will always remain immobile.