The Foundation was born and operates according to the will of Arnaldo Pomodoro to create a “House of Sculpture“: a place open to the reinterpretation of twentieth century art and the creativity of young artists, a collective space of living experience for all those who love art.

In particular, the Foundation’s objectives are:

Preserve, enhance and promote the work of Arnaldo Pomodoro and the Foundation’s Collection;

Encourage historical-critical studies on sculpture and contemporary art, including through the publication of books, catalogs and magazines;

Organize events and events in the field of culture, art and literature, also in collaboration with other bodies and institutions, both in Italy and abroad ;

— Support and promote the work of young artists through the establishment of a Prize, which identifies relevant figures within the contemporary art scene;

— Create a network of contacts with national and international institutions and museums with a view to sharing intentions, mutual support and promotion;

— Bring the public closer to contemporary art with specific educational projects, guided tours and interactive workshops, with particular attention also to people with disabilities.