The Foundation was born and operates according to the will of Arnaldo Pomodoro to create a “House of Sculpture“: a place open to the reinterpretation of twentieth century art and the creativity of young artists, a collective space of living experience for all those who love art.

Arnaldo Pomodoro established the Foundation in 1995, which set itself the task of guaranteeing the conservation and the appreciation of his work, giving rise to a visionary idea: to create an inventive, almost experimental space for study and discussion on the themes of contemporary art, from the experiences of the avant-garde to the more recent perspectives, aiming at a profound and global involvement with people and society.

Over the years the Foundation has conceived and organized exhibitions, events and initiatives of various kinds, with the commitment to spread the tangible and intangible heritage received from its founder. In addition to organizing initiatives such as the Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize and the Project Room cycle, it has launched the ongoing projects of the artist’s online Catalogue Raisonné and the digitization of his Archive, always combining scientific insights with informative and educational activities capable of communicating with all audiences.