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Arnaldo Pomodoro
Il giardino nero
, 1956

lead, cement, tin, 69 × 118 cm

Inside this dark, moving, dug and marked wall, below, there are tangles of different imprints, dismantled mechanisms, fragments of machines with bladed combs, panels in relief, apparently disjointed elements, like a set of found objects... But within this complex system of signs you discover something else, the idea of ancient ideograms, archaic illegible writings, systems of signs which now appear confused, overlapping, which have thickened and which have therefore re-emerged, emerging as if from an archaeological excavation. Therefore the idea of time and that of the scriptures.

from: A. C. Quintavalle, Arnaldo nel labirinto delle scritture, in Arnaldo Pomodoro. Catalogo ragionato della scultura, edited by F. Gualdoni, Milano, Skira, Milano, 2007, p. 26.

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