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Arnaldo Pomodoro, In memory of J.F. Kennedy, 1963-1964 - MART Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto (Foto Mart, Carlo Baroni)

Arnaldo Pomodoro
In memory of J.F. Kennedy
, 1963-1964

bronze, 160 × 160 × 45 cm

Arnaldo Pomodoro says: “While I was preparing the sculptures to be exhibited in my personal room at the 1964 Venice Biennale, I was so struck by the news of Kennedy's assassination that I decided to create a work dedicated to him. It is a square block of bronze, where the geometric shape is animated by a series of indecipherable and emblematic signs that visualize the dramatic character of the events. As Argan said: I listened to the silent rhythm of time and expressed it in terms of space."