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Arnaldo Pomodoro. Monographs

An essential selection of the most important monographic books that have marked the main stages in the critical history of Arnaldo Pomodoro. They are the major publications of an overall nature, fundamental for understanding his art, or those specifically dedicated to a significant aspect of his research, therefore the decisive landing points on his work.
Arnaldo Pomodoro 1955-65, edited by Luca Massimo Barbero, Forma Edizioni, Florence, 2019

Volume published on the occasion of the exhibition at Galerie Tornabuoni in Paris. Critical essay by Luca Massimo Barbero, text by Chiara Mari on Arnaldo Pomodoro’s work in the French context.
Italian edition in double language: Italian, English. French edition in double languages: French, Italian.

Entering Arnaldo Pomodoro's Labyrinth, con-fine edizioni, Monghidoro, 2017

A volume that documents, for the first time exhaustively, the environment Ingresso nel labirinto (1995-2011) with a full set of photographs and texts by Aurora Donzelli, Gino Fienga, Federico Giani and a poem by Aldo Nove.
Italian edition: L'ingresso nel labirinto di Arnaldo Pomodoro, con-fine edizioni, Monghidoro, 2016

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Poesie per Arnaldo Pomodoro, edited by Bitta Leonetti and Eugenio Alberti Schatz, Gli Ori, Pistoia, 2016

Collection of poems from 1964 to 2016, dedicated to Arnaldo Pomodoro by poet friends (Frank O’Hara, Guido Ballo, Francesco Leonetti, Aldo Nove, Nanni Balestrini, Roberto Sanesi among others). Introduction by Paolo Di Stefano.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro. 4 progetti visionari, edited by Aldo Colonetti and Ada Masoero, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, 2016

Catalogue of the exhibition organised by the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro and Milan’s Triennale to describe four “visionary projects” by the sculptor. It contains texts by Arnaldo Pomodoro, Ada Masoero, Aldo Colonetti, Giulio Carlo Argan, Sam Hunter and Alberto Ferlenga, a poem by Aldo Nove and a conversation with Gillo Dorfles, a full set of photographs and documents.
Texts translated into English.

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Catalogue of the exhibition organised at Milan (Royal Palace, Triennale, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Poldi Pezzoli museum) on the occasion of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s ninetieth birthday. Introduced by a conversation between Ada Masoero and the sculptor, it contains an essay by Giorgio Zanchetti and texts by Aldo Colonetti, Ada Masoero and Antonio Calbi.
Texts translated into English.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro, Forma, segno, spazio. Scritti e dichiarazioni sull’arte, edited by Stefano Esengrini, Maretti editore, Falciano, 2014

Collection of reflections and notes written by Arnaldo Pomodoro between 1967 and 2011 on his career as an artist and, more generally, on the idea of making art.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro. Carapace. The Tenuta Castelbuono Winery, edited by Aldo Colonetti, Editrice Compositori, Bologna, 2012

Publication dedicated to the Carapace (2005-2012), sculpture-architecture created for the Fratelli Lunelli winery in Bevagna, Umbria. It contains a conversation between Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gillo Dorfles and Aldo Colonetti, a photographic portfolio by Antonia Mulas and Pietro Carrieri, and contributions by Giorgio Pedrotti, Ermanno Casasco and Barbara Balestreri on the development of the site and on the landscaping and lighting.
Italian edition: Arnaldo Pomodoro. Carapace. La cantina della Tenuta Castelbuono, Editrice Compositori, Bologna, 2012

Arnaldo Pomodoro. Il teatro scolpito, edited by Antonio Calbi, Feltrinelli and Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, 2012

Monograph on the work carried out by Arnaldo Pomodoro for the theatre between 1972 and 2011. The book contains a long conversation between the artist and the curator Antonio Calbi as well as numerous texts and direct testimonies of those who collaborated in staging the shows.
Each set has been reconstructed through a full documentation of texts, images and correspondence, as well as a selection of press reviews. An index of names also appears among the apparatus.

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Volume documenting the genesis and the installation of Grande Portale Marco Polo in front of the Italy Pavilion at the Expo in Shanghai. Critical texts by Wu Zhiqiang, Victoria Lu, Huang Du, Bruno Corà and images by Luciano Romano and Carlo Orsi.
Edition in three languages: Italian, Chinese, English.

Arnaldo Pomodoro. Grandi Opere 1972- 2008, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, 2008

Catalogue published for the exhibition curated by Bruno Corà in the Foundation’s exhibition spaces in via Solari 35 in Milano. Carlo Orsi’s photographs also document the stages of preparation. Critical notes by Lorenzo Respi.

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Ugo Mulas fotografa Arnaldo Pomodoro, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Edizioni Olivares, Milan, 2008

Volume collecting over 100 images taken by the great photographer between 1959 and 1972, introduced with a text by Angela Vettese.
Texts translated into English.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro. Catalogo ragionato della scultura, edited by Flaminio Gualdoni, Skira, Milan, 2007

The first complete bio-bibliographical reconstruction of Arnaldo’ Pomodoro’s sculptures with the scientific dossiers and images of all his works. Critical texts by Giovanni Carandente, Gillo Dorfles, Sam Hunter and Arturo Carlo Quintavalle.
Texts translated into English.

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Catalogue of the exhibition organised in two locations: in Reggio Emilia, in Palazzo Magnani and along Corso Garibaldi and in Correggio, in the Palazzo dei Principi.
It contains a long conversation between Sandro Parmiggiani and Arnaldo Pomodoro, an essay by Luciano Caprile, as well as an anthology of critical, literary and poetical writings dedicated to the artist.

Arnaldo Pomodoro, edited by Rudy Chiappini, Skira, Milan, 2004

Catalogue published for the exhibition in Lugano’s city centre. Inside are essays by Rudy Chiappini, Giovanni Raboni, Flaminio Gualdoni and Luciano Caprile.

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Volume dedicated to the genesis and realisation of the work arising from the collaboration between Arnaldo Pomodoro and Giuseppe Maraniello for the Cathedral of Milwaukee. Essay by Marco Meneguzzo and photographs by Alberto Piovano.
Published in double language: Italian and English.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro e il Museo Poldi Pezzoli. La Sala d’Armi, Edizioni Olivares, Milan, 2004

Volume dedicated to the Sala d'Armi in the Poldi Pezzoli museum redesigned, between 1998 and 2000, from a project by Arnaldo Pomodoro. The publication is enriched by essays by Vittorio Fagone, Silvio Leydi, Alessandra Mottola Molfino, Angela Vettese and Annalisa Zanni.

Book on the 2002 exhibition in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris. Texts by Carlo Bertelli, Pierre Restany, Jacqueline Risset and photographs by Paolo Mussat Sartor. Also contains photographs of the preparation and inauguration, with a selection of press reviews.
Italian edition: Arnaldo Pomodoro nei giardini del Palais-Royal di Parigi, Skira editore, Milano, 2003

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Writings on the Art of Arnaldo Pomodoro and a Selection of the Artist's Works (1955-2000), edited by Laura Berra amde Bitta Leonetti, Lupetti Editore di comunicazione, Milan, 2000

Volume that collects the texts of the major international critics (including Arbasino, Argan, Bonito Oliva, Carandente, Hunter, Rosenthal, Volponi, Zeri) who have commented on and discussed Arnaldo Pomodoro’s works, and together present images of the first nucleus of the Foundation’s collection.
Italian edition: Scritti critici per Arnaldo Pomodoro e opere dell'artista 1955-2000, Lupetti Editore di comunicazione, Milano, 2000

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Volume published for the 1997 exhibition at the Rocca and city of San Leo. Critical essay by Achille Bonito Oliva, unpublished writings by Paolo Volponi, conversation between Arnaldo Pomodoro and Francesco Leonetti.
Published in double language: Italian and English.

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Catalogue from the exhibition held at the ex-Carmine convent at Marsala which focuses on the artist’s graphic works and visionary projects. Critical text by Sergio Troisi.

Volume published on the occasion of the donation of the Sfera con sfera (1991) to the United Nations. It documents the project, the creation, assembly and installation of the work in New York in front of the UN Building, in 1996. It contains an introductory text by Sam Hunter and gives an account of the evolution of the ‘sphere’ in Arnaldo Pomodoro’s work.
Published in double language: Italian and English.

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Arnaldo Pomodoro, edited by Renato Barilli, Il Vicolo Divisione Libri, Cesena, 1995

Boxed set of catalogues relating to the two exhibitions held in Summer 1995 in Rimini at the Museo della Città and at Cesena at the Rocca Malatestiana and the Ex Pescheria Art Gallery. Critical texts by the curator Renato Barilli.
Texts translated into English.

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Substantial monograph edited by the American critic Sam Hunter and planned by the designer Massimo Vignelli. The volume is divided into four sections: the first dedicated to the sculptor’s training, the second to the great works, the third to the theatrical sets and the last to his visionary projects, both created and not. It also contains a large bio-bibliographic apparatus and numerous illustrations.
Italian edition: Arnaldo Pomodoro, Fratelli Fabbri Editori, Milan, 1995.

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Conversation between Arnaldo Pomodoro and the poet and friend Francesco Leonetti where the artist talks about himself through his artistic and human endeavours.

The volume focuses on the works from between 1956 and 1960 (sculptures and drawings) donated to the CSAC of Parma University and presented in an exhibition at Palazzo della Pilotta in 1990; with a long essay by Quintavalle and critical dossiers by Gloria Bianchino. The volume became a fundamental study tool on Arnaldo Pomodoro’s research and work in the 1950s.

Colpo d’ala di Arnaldo Pomodoro, Fratelli Palombi editori, Rome, 1989

Volume published for the installation of Colpo d’ala (1981-1984), donated by the Italian government to the City of Los Angeles in 1998 to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the Marshall Plan. It contains critical essays by Giovanni Carandente and Italo Mussa, technical documentation on the installation, as well as an anthology of the main essays on the artist.
Texts translated into English.

A book that documents, through Carlo Orsi’s images, the monumental exhibition organised in 1984 at the Belvedere Fort in Florence. Introduction by Italo Mussa and critical text by Giulio Carlo Argan.
Italian edition: Arnaldo Pomodoro al Forte del Belvedere, De Luca Editore, Roma, 1986

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Publication dedicated to Umberto Boccioni and the Colpo d’ala: a Boccioni (1982), created by Arnaldo Pomodoro on the centenary of the Futurist artist’s birth to celebrate their common Romagni origins. The work was donated to the Morciano Municipality in Romagna and installed there in 1984.

Catalogue of the great exhibition at the Belvedere Fort in Florence. Introduction by Italo Mussa, texts by Jacqueline Risset and Mark Rosenthal, interviews with Arnaldo Pomodoro by Francesco Leonetti and Sam Hunter.
The catalogue includes the sections of the exhibition introduced by a curator’s “guide” and accompanied by a wide selection of critical thoughts (extracts from the presentations, essays, and articles that have followed Pomodoro’s creative activity between 1955-1984).

Il cimitero sepolto. Un progetto di Arnaldo Pomodoro per Urbino, edited by Francesco Leonetti, Feltrinelli Editore, Milan, 1982

Book on the debate around the project for a new cemetery at Urbino which after winning the competition in 1973 was suspended and then definitely abandoned. It documents the wrongs and rights of the controversies and the expressed reservations, alongside the favourable evaluations with critical interventions by critics, writers, architects and scholars (Argan, Aymonino, Benevolo, Risset, Vergine, Volponi, Zevi amongst the others). It also contains the report of the public assembly held at Urbino in 1979 and a wide selection of articles that appeared in the press over a period of about eight years.

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Catalogue of the exhibition at the Rotonda della Besana in Milano, organised by Ettore Sottsass. Besides the critical essays by Sam Hunter and Franco Russoli, it contains a long interview by Sam Hunter with Arnaldo Pomodoro. Photographs by Ugo Mulas and Mario Carrieri.
Sam Hunter’s texts, published in English, were translated into Italian by Roberto Sanesi.

Sculptures by Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gabriele Mazzotta editore, Milan, 1974

First comprehensive survey on Arnaldo Pomodoro’s work through a multiplicity of voices and critical interpretations. It contains essays by Guido Ballo, Alberto Boatto, Gillo Dorfles, a presentation by Sam Hunter and a long conversation between the artist and Francesco Leonetti. The photographs are by Ugo Mulas.
Italian edition: Libro per le sculture di Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gabriele Mazzotta editore, Milano, 1974

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First critical study that distinguished and analysed the works of the two Pomodoro brothers.
Italian edition: Dalla poetica del segno alla presenza continua. Arnaldo e Giò Pomodoro, Luigi Maestri editore, Milano, 1962

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