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Arnaldo Pomodoro
Colonna recisa trasversalmente, 1970-1971

bronze, 240 × ø 70 cm

“The sculpture of Arnaldo Pomodoro – writes Italo Mussa in 1982 – is the classic, i.e. modern, example of a direct vision into the reality of the material of art, which opens up to the light showing its own feverish germination, where cracks, corrosions, perforations and shine are real visual traumas. Columns, spheres, severed or split columns – like this Colonna recisa trasversalmente –, cones and solar disks absorb the infinity of light, to hold it momentarily, to compare it with the internal lacerations of matter itself, to underline the intransitability of the visual event. Reviving submerged emotional sensations, the artist has dug into the depths of his creative thought in a direct way, challenging space and light".

And Guido Ballo underlines, in 1984, that in Colonna recisa transversamente and in the group of works of these years Pomodoro puts pure forms into crisis "to be perceived tactilely in their Neoplatonic perfection, to render with psychic analogies the fracture, sliding, internal landslides, sudden or slow: the corrosive value of the sign returns, with other accents, in the contrast between pure form and semantic corrosion, in a situation of disturbing instability precisely because everything seems, on the outside, perfect".