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Arnaldo Pomodoro, L'inizio del tempo, 1960 – Photo Dario Tettamanzi

Arnaldo Pomodoro
La macchina del tempo
, 1960

leaded iron sheet, copper, chromed brass and wood, 145 × 150 × 19 cm

The word "time" recurs with a certain frequency in the titles of the works created by Pomodoro in recent years: "a reference to a time that is not that of humanity nor of its history, but rather an initially geological and then even cosmic time, which going back through the expressive elements of nuclear art, it wants to return to the specifically spatialist and Fontanian origins of the abstract material and gestural experiences of the Milanese neo-avant-garde of the 1950s".

from: G. Zanchetti, Occupare lo spazio, invertire il tempo (brochure of the exhibition Open Studio #1. L’inizio del tempo. Le ricerche spazialiste di Arnaldo Pomodoro, Studio Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milano, 6 March – 18 December 2022)

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