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Arnaldo Pomodoro Lettera a K.

Arnaldo Pomodoro
Lettera a K.
, 1965

bronze, 56 × 37 × 9,5 cm

It has happened to me several times to refer one of my works to a literary or artistic text to signal an inventive onset that also occurred within the imaginative solicitation of that text or work.
Lettera a K. is dedicated to Franz Kafka, but it is also a tribute to Kierkegaard and Klee, who is one of my reference teachers.
There were many readings during my education, from Kierkegaard to Sartre to Attali and Sennett, but Kafka and his books – The Castle, The Trial and The metamorphoses stimulated my visionary nature. I immediately recognized myself in those stories, in those tales and my first works contain elements of analogy with the themes of his books: indecipherability, ambiguity, the uncertainty of the human being, the subconscious.
Hence the origin and title of this relief: a series of abstract and emblematic shapes and signs make up a page written with an illegible language, a sort of symbolic letter signed with the imprint of my left hand.

Arnaldo Pomodoro

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