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Arnaldo Pomodoro, Obelisco per Cleopatra, Soliera, 2020, Foto Roberto Sala, courtesy Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro e Fondazione Campori

Arnaldo Pomodoro
Obelisco per Cleopatra
, 1989-2008

corten and bronze, 14 × 1,40 × 1,40 m

The Obelisco per Cleopatra is, therefore, the present sign of a timelapse journey into the interiority of Arnaldo Pomodoro to discover the passions that stimulated his creativity and oriented his critical gaze towards life and history, filtered through the medium of theater and then sculpture. The theatrical mask that the actor wears, giving the spotlight to his character, marks the boundary of a mental space within which Arnaldo Pomodoro struggles to delimit his yearning for infinity, a metaphor for the freedom and serenity that every human being should deserve. This is why the perfect geometry of the obelisk is corroded by a powerful informal sign, instinctive but always rational, capable of revealing the deception of the senses when life is lived only superficially. “The theater – says Arnaldo Pomodoro – was a new source of revelations in terms of ideology, myth and form, and especially in large sculptures it encouraged and even inspired me to experiment with new approaches and new ideas for sculptures designed for specific places in which relationships with the surrounding physical environment, cultural paradigms and utilitarian functions can play an important role”.

from: L. Respi, Un obelisco per la postmodernità, in Arnaldo Pomodoro. Obelisco per Cleopatra, edited by L. Respi, Milano, All Around Art, 2020, p. s.n.