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Arnaldo Pomodoro, The Pietrarubbia Group, 1975-2015

Arnaldo Pomodoro
The Pietrarubbia Group
, 1975-2015

bronze, iron, steel and wood, 280 × 1300 × 1300 cm

The Pietrarubbia Group (1975-2015) is, according to Giulio Carlo Argan, one of those works which, at the height of an artist's maturity, represent a summary and balance sheet of an entire past. Arnaldo Pomodoro is from the Marche region; he lives in Milan, but has never severed the bond that unites him to the town where he was born. The same central theme of his work as a sculptor, memory and time, brings it back to you. Pietrarubbia is a village in the Marche that remained abandoned for many years: Pomodoro recovered its ancient historical story and elected it as a symbolic topos of his work. The monument is a large orientable structure inserted in space like a time machine that captures and transcribes experiences, the invisible traces of the events that occurred in that place. Those memories translate into indecipherable signs, in fact the artist never set out to illustrate or tell a story; he listened to the silent rhythm of time and expressed it in terms of space. The complex environmental structure is a work in progress initially composed of three elements: Il fondamento and L'uso (fixed and double blocks) and Il rapporto (two revolving and fitting doors); to which the two Quotidianità panels were subsequently added. Only in 2015 Pomodoro completed the work with the last two elements, Gli assoluti, one dedicated to pain and the other to hope.