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curated by Giovanni Caccamo

Laura Valente
Performance Live

October 6, 2023
Studio Arnaldo Pomodoro, Via Vigevano 3, Milan

Orizzonte. Parole, immagini e musica per edificare il futuro is the program of cultural and musical events curated by the singer and songwriter Giovanni Caccamo, which will see a series of events with different formats alternating in the Arnaldo Pomodoro's Studio, designed with the aim of bringing an increasingly wider and more heterogeneous audience closer to the Foundation, with particular attention to the younger ones.

The third appointment, Friday 6 October (9 pm), will see Laura Valente perform in a live performance reserved for Friends of the Foundation (Supporters, Promoters and Corporate members).

In 1982, not yet twenty years old, Laura Valente signed her first recording contract for Fonit Cetra. Mara Maionchi and Alberto Salerno produce her debut LP, with music by Mango. After a contract with Emi and a couple of 45s, in the 90s she became the lead singer of Matia Bazar, participating in 4 LPs and tours in Italy, Europe, Russia and Canada. She has 4 participations in the Sanremo Festival to her credit: in '92 and '93 competing with Matia, in 2007 in the guest evening, alongside her husband Mango, and in 2016 as a member of the Quality Jury. After her departure from the group she took part in various theatrical productions, in which she combined singing and acting (in 2010 was "Casta Diva", a show on the life of Maria Callas which debuted at Villa Torlonia and which was then staged at the Teatro Italia in Rome).

She also collaborated for 5 years with Radio Inblu, designing and conducting "Pensieri&Parole", a in-depth program on literature, and in 2017 and 2018, paired with prof. Flavio Caroli, a weekly program on the history of art. She is currently dedicated to searching for young talents and teaching emotional communication through singing, a path that began in 2016 at the Mogol's Cet, continued at the Fonoprint Studios in Bologna and which she now carries out mainly at her studio, Il Cantiere di Assago. Her singing performances are now very rare, the last of which was at the Blue Note in Milan, in November 2022, during a benefit evening organized by Fondazione Rava, in which she performed with Paolo Fresu and Rita Marcotulli.

The Membership program is designed to create a partnership of Friends of the Foundation, who share its aims and want to actively participate in its life... find out more!

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