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Archival Research

The Archive of Arnaldo Pomodoro preserves various materials, collected by the artist and his Studio during many years of work. They are: photographs, books, exhibition catalogues, letters, working papers, magazines, films, posters, postcards… evidence of Pomodoro's artistic production, and of his personal and professional relationships with other personalities and institutions, but also a valuable source of information on various aspects of the artistic and cultural history of the second half of the twentieth century.

The Archive materials are being cataloged and digitized with the Online Archive project. The Archive is located in the spaces of the Foundation, in via Vigevano 9 in Milan, and is divided into six sections: Library, Audiovisuals, Correspondence, Photographs, Working Papers and Various materials. All the materials are available to students and researchers, who can arrange a visite to study them in person by filling out the online form. For real conditions of impossibility to come in person, it is possible to request the sending of digital reproductions of the material you need.

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