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Visits and Workshops for Maternity School

How does Arnaldo Pomodoro work? What techniques does he use? Do his works have a meaning?

To find out, we can choose to enter Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio in via Vigevano 3 in Milan, the place where he designs and creates his sculptures and graphics; or to explore the Labyrinththe large environmental sculpture built in the underground spaces of via Solari 35 in Milan.

The proposals are dedicated to the second and third year,since a certain independence in the management of materials and tools is required. Each proposal can be carried out as a single appointment or associated with others. The contents and methods of approaching the activities are declined on the basis of the age of the participants, but if you want to adapt them more to the needs of your class, do not hesitate to contact us at

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Sculpture workshop

La colata di gesso

Make a plaster cast in Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio /Via Vigevano 3, Milano

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Graphics workshop

Negativo / Positivo

Create colorful shapes with stencils in Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio / via Vigevano 3, Milan

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Workshop according to Bruno Munari’s Method®

Magica carta

Manipulate paper in Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio. Only for last year students / via Vigevano 3, Milano

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Interactive guided tour only for last year students

The Magic of the Labyrinth

Let's go hunting for signs in Arnaldo Pomodoro's Labyrinth / via Solari 35

Guided tours of Arnaldo Pomodoro's Labyrinth are suspended: they will resume at the end of 2024