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Workshop according to Bruno Munari’s Method® only for first, second and third graders

Magica carta

Manipulate paper in Arnaldo Pomodoro's studio / via Vigevano 3, Milano

After a brief visit to the current exhibition La negazione della forma. Arnaldo Pomodoro tra minimalismo e controculturalet's go in Arnaldo Pomodoro's laboratory to familiarize with paper: light or heavy, smooth or rough? A moment of discovery and learning in absolute freedom, according to the spirit of the MBM® methodology®where the operator's task is not to say what to do, but how to do it. From cataloging to the freest composition, we learn to use the tools correctly and to pay attention to the gesture of our hands, simple gestures that give sometimes surprising, certainly unique results.

Curated by Cristina Bortolozzo, Bruno Munari Method® certified operator

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acquire fine manipulation techniques to learn how to give paper a sculptural shape

each student has his/her own workstation and creates its own paper composition

90 minutes

160 €

Studio Arnaldo Pomodoro, via vigevano 3 (buzzer 61) / inside courtyard, Milan

Note The rooms are not entirely accessible to people with severe motor disabilities.

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