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Guided tour

Pomodoro's Milan

Alla scoperta delle opere di Pomodoro in città

A walk in the historic center of Milan, inside and outside its museums to delve deeper into the art of the twentieth century through some places that host the works of Arnaldo Pomodoro: Piazza Meda, Casa Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Gallerie d'Italia, Museo del Novecento . Accompanied by archive documents (photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, ...) that tell the connections between the sculptor and his era, we go to discover the works of Arnaldo Pomodoro and other artist friends, such as Fontana and Boetti, present in the Milanese collections.

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archival documents

discover the presence of Arnaldo Pomodoro's works in the collections of the museums of the historic center of Milan; create relationships between archive documents and works to tell an important historical and artistic moment of our contemporary times.

the students are accompanied along the path equipped with microphones. 1 km walk, 4 stages, 3 museums, 6 works by Pomodoro and many other artists.

120 minutes / 180 minutes includes the visit to the permanent collection of the Museo del '900

120 minutes visit €200 + €2 for the microphone per participant

180 minutes visit €300 + €2 for the microphone per participant

meeting point in Piazza Meda in front of the sculpture Grande Disco

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