Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize

One of the aims of the Foundation is to support the research of young sculptors “who intend to perfect and extend the experimental aspects of new work regarding expressive or intellectual languages” through the establishment of a Prize.

Created in 2006 and now in its sixth edition, the Arnaldo Pomodoro Sculpture Prize, is among the few – in Italy and abroad – specifically dedicated to sculpture. It awards € 10,000.00 to an artist between the age of 25 and 45 whose personal research reflects on the idea and on the practice of making sculpture today, offering a significant contribution to the current development of sculpture.

The winning artist will be chosen by an international Selection Committee, chaired by Arnaldo Pomodoro and composed by a group of international critics and curators, a true witness of current artistic research in the field of contemporary sculpture.

The awarding of the Prize is not bound to the use of specific materials or techniques, rather it promotes and favors the free experimentation of sculptural practice and the exploration of its fundamental concepts, considered a novel, original, theoretical and concrete reflection on relationships between the disciplines of art, design, architecture, design and urban planning.

6th edition | 2021-2022

Selection Committee

The members of the Committee, which will act as a true testimonial of artistic research in the field of contemporary sculpture, will be presented to the public during the next edition of miart, in a talk entitled What is sculpture today?