The Foundation

Founded in 1995 at the behest of Arnaldo Pomodoro, the Foundation was created to be a place of study and discussion around the important themes and great figures of the contemporary avant-garde as well as acting as a real cultural centre, holding exhibitions, meetings, conferences, book presentations and concerts.
After experiences in Rozzano and in via Solari in Milan, from the Spring of 2013, the Foundation’s activity has continued in a new, recently renovated exhibition space in via Vigevano 9, adjacent to the Foundation’s archives and the artist’s studio.
Located near the Darsena (Milan’s inland dock), the new facility blends with the historical locations of Arnaldo Pomodoro’s work. The proximity between the different environments creates a highly stimulating artistic hub that, among the ancient courtyards of the canals, closely welds the contiguity between the site where Pomodoro’s sculpture was born and the eponymous Foundation which documents and promotes it, thereby establishing a venue where the cultural life of the city can meet and interact.

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